How to choose the perfect collar for your dog

More than just a simple frivolous accessory, a dog collar can be useful in identifying your pet in case of runaway, loss or theft, hence the importance of adding a medal, as required by several municipalities. A dog collar is also an indispensable educational tool that will allow you to teach your pet to walk, sit, come or not to bark for example.

The Right Dog Collar

The right collar for your dog should be comfortable and durable. Before making a decision on a specific model, consider the size of your pet; its weight, its corpulence and his or her personality!

Unlike collars made of imitation leather or real leather, which cause allergies in many dogs, nylon collars, canvas or polyester rope are of very good quality and are offered at affordable prices. They are strong and lightweight for maximum comfort.

All dog collars we handcraft at La Vie au Lac are made with boat rope or marine-rope designed to last and resist abrasion. Machine washable, our dog collars will retain their shape.

Our collars and dog leashes are hypo allergenic, aesthetic and offered in different colors. We also take special orders at no additional cost to make a custom collar or a personalized collar for your dog that suits your tastes and the appearance of your pet for an incomparable nautical look!

For durability, we use high quality stainless steel or solid brass hardware.

For a Proper Fit, Measure Your Dog's Neck

Before ordering your dog collar, via our secure site, properly measure your dog's neck with a cloth seamstress tape measure.  (If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string and then measure the string with a rigid ruler.)

-          Place the tape measure where the collar should rest.

-          Then add 1 inch 1/2 to 2 inches for a perfect measurement.

If you just welcomed a puppy into you home, have him wear a collar as soon as possible so he can get used to it. To avoid the risk of injury and strangulation, do not forget to change the collar of your pet as it grows and gains weight.

In conclusion, for your pet, big or small, wearing a collar is a sign of belonging to a pack ... yours. For enjoyable walks, treat yourself to a perfectly adjusted La Vie au Lac collar with a regular 4-foot leash, a 19 or 26-inch short leash or a 5-foot (60 inches) training leash - great for dogs who tend to pull, and for spontaneous walks, training sessions, and road trips. 


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